Measurements are translated on the computer and specially plotted according to your specifications to get your very unique jeans pattern that's modeled after your body.

Your unique pattern is broken down and printed on to paper and traced onto the premium denim of your choice to be cut and sewed.

With over 15 choices of Premium denim sourced from the world over to choose from, you are spoilt for choice to get one for your unique pair!.

Our constantly growing variety of over 40 different premium leathers from Solofra, Italy will give you an exciting choice to embellish your jeans.

Pick one of the many unique and special fashion leathers from our range to team up with complimenting or contrasting stitching for your back leather brand tag to stand out from the sea of usual denims.

You can even go as far as tweaking the existing pocket design with the shown variations or even just have it modern & plain to further personalize your jeans!

We will be glad to help you choose a wonderful choice of premium leather for your pocket trims to suit your taste and style or even go without the leather trim should you choose to.

Choose the threads to accent your jeans top stitching as well as the double enforced chainstitches on the jeans pockets which combined with the leather trims will make your jeans unique and stand out.

Why settle for just normal denim yoke on your jeans? Have it in a premium leather and make a statement with your jeans.

Every pair of jeans will be lined with premium Ultrasuede from Australia in the color of your choice which adds a touch of luxe to your premium workwear.

Your pair is specially printed with Ober.Blünck Denim's signature vintage inspired logo designs & info specific to your order. Nothing beats the print work done painstakingly by hand!.

The inner pockets are cut from fine shirting materials that matches the chosen Australian Ultrasuede lining. Left pocket is handprinted with your unique pair information and care instructions..

Right inner pocket lining in fine shirting material carefully hand screen printed with Ober.Blünck Denim's signature vintage inspired logo.

Keeping with tradition, each pair of Ober.Blünck Denim jeans is hemmed with the vintage Union Special chainstitch machine which produces a tension which produces beautiful fading when your jeans undergo wear.

We believe in doing away with the modern day process of automated factory produced garments and going back to basics and producing each pair the traditional way…. With the human touch. .

You can't get a pair more personal & unique than one which is produced painstakingly crafted by hand with a process of at least 9 different specially maintained vintage jeansmaking machines.

Bespoke Jeans

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