Main buttons totally oxidized in gun metal black before custom engraving the brand name & logo.

Paper patterns are hand traced onto the denim before cutting manually.

All pairs of jeans start out just like these raw cut pieces organized and bundled ready to be sewn.

Inside pockets individually hand screen-printed before being sewn together.

Premium Italian leather trims are cut by hand and attached on to the pockets to be sewn.

Every pocket is painstakingly sewn with the utmost care to ensure the sturdiness of the stitching on top of attention paid to the aesthetic stitchings.

Vintage belt-loop machine churning out 2m long coverstitched strips to be cut and attached on to completed pairs of jeans.

Each keyhole button hole is created by guiding the fabric manually on the vintage Singer zig-zag machine before cutting a slit to fit the buttons.

Totally non-automated process of measuring each and every pocket before marking and ironing them ready for sewing.

Rolled up coils of 2m strips denim belt-loops for cutting and bartacking onto jeans.

Custom hardware and rivet hand press used for riveting the buttons and rivets onto the jeans.

Satin Damask brand labels tacked on to the jeans before the waistbands are chainstitched on.

Every pair is attached with a hangtag showing the details of size and cut.

Every pair an ode to handcrafting. Owning a pair of 100% handcrafted jeans from Ober.Blünck makes you one of a very select few in the world.

Each pair of Ober.Blünck jeans start with the very best raw denim, sourced from the world over. It is then cut the distinctive Ober.Blünck way, and given the luxe treatment with premium trims. Every pair a treasured piece painstakingly put together with no less than nine different sewing machines in our constantly growing collection of Vintage jeans making machines from before the 1950s.

Our denim workshop is the one and only existing set up in Singapore where all the exciting construction done by a non-automated jeansmith.

Paying the utmost attention to details and handiwork, no effort is spared in sourcing the very best premium leathers from Solofra, Italy and custom engraved hardwares. Then each pair is individually pieced together by hand doing away with the automation of a factory production line.

Ober.Blünck Denim. Proudly handcrafted in Singapore, by Singapore’s only jeansmith.