All the vintage industrial machines in the workroom where most of the sewing action takes place.

Cones of dualcore heavy duty threads from COATS and AMERICAN & EFIRD which do not break as easily as normal threads

Each and every pair is painstakingly put together wit the utmost care and attention to detail.

One of the very premium raw denim bales we use from the Land of the Rising Sun which boasts a rich indigo hue that ages down well as you wear into your jeans.

Vintage Kansai Special from 1958 Waistbander machine that has been lovingly refurbished and being used to continue the culture of traditional jeansmaking

Heavy duty gravity ironing with high pressure steam allows speedy work without over ironing the denim

Constantly adding more to our collection of over 40 different styles and colors of premium Italian leathers available to be used to compliment our jeans

Our grand dame of vintage machines from 1943. This refurbished sturdy domestic Singer lockstitch is still being used to piece each and every pair of jeans we make.

The studio space that's next to the workroom where planning, cutting and more machines are used to complete the jeans

Chainstitching the hem with the vintage Union Special 56400 chainstitch machine gives a tension to the hem which allows it to wear down showing up beautiful age markings.

An assortment of custom designed and made monochromatic buttons, rivets and studs which are designed to age together with your jeans to reveal a rich aged copper patina.

Double needle vintage Juki lockstitch machine ensures that every top stitching done and the spacing is even and constant.

Ober.Blünck | pronunciation: (ober-bloongk)

Ober (über) – Ultra. Super. A state or action involving increased elevation or quantity in the physical sense, or superiority or excess in the abstract.

Blünck (blanc) – Adjective. Lacking characteristics which give variety; a blank canvas. A starting point from which ideas and creativity abound.

Ober.Blünck Denim. A blank starting point. A journey towards unison – the Wearer and his Jeans. Where every curve and stretch moulds into a second skin. Where every fold and scratch captures a collective memory. No rules, no philosophies, no concepts, just freedom to be ME.

We at Ober.Blünck Denim basically believe in having an ultra blank canvas for which ideas and creative energies are unleashed to create products and designs which are both aesthetically pleasing yet desirable to each and everyone around. Not bounded by any rules, anything and everything is free to be expressed as the jeansmaker feels so…